As summer comes to an end and fall is rapidly approaching, the last thing someone looks forward to is the unknown of closing down their swimming pool. While winterizing your pool can seem a daunting task for first time and even experienced pool owners, it can be an easy process that will save you time and money in the long run so long as you get the right information and chemicals. In fact, it is a simple process that you can do yourself. It comes down to three steps that most people already add to their water on a weekly basis:

    1. Chlorine

 2. Shock
   3. Algaecide

Do I Need to Winterize My Pool?

However, without a proper chemical balance your water is prone to develop “symptoms” during the off season (i.e. algae, cloudiness, ect.) which will lead to a difficult spring start up next year. In fact, proper winterization will not only save your water quality, but also the integrity of your equipment and the pool itself.

So, Where Can I Start?

First, you will want to stop into The Pool Place to get your water tested to make sure your chemical levels are balanced appropriately to begin winterization. If we have a sample of your individual water we can create a personalized and accurate treatment plan in order to close down your pool in the most efficient way.

The Pool Place is open:

Mon.-Fri. 9-5

Sat. 9-4

Sun. 10-2

with water analysis closing 30 minutes before closing. See you there!

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 Winterizing Your Pool: The Easy Way